Subscription Fees

Why Fees? Good Question…
It is my understanding that when services are provided there needs to be a fair exchange…it is also important for us to give of ourselves graciously…Robin and I decided that our Blog Talk Radio Show would be a way for us to give of ourselves, and anyone could call and we could provide our insights into their questions, and a blog for people to write in questions, but how could we create the other half of the equation…receiving fair exchange…
Our answer to that was to provide an opportunity for you to subscribe to our blog site, and in doing so you would receive responses immediately and if you prefer they remain private, they will not be part of the blog post and you would receive a copy of the response by email…and we would offer a substantial discount if and when you might desire a private reading from either of us..

Monthly Subscription: $4.95USD
Yearly Subscription: $49.95USD


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