About Sophia

So what exactly is “Sophia’s Relationship Advice”? My next question would be; does anyone remember the movie “Letters to Juliet”? The movie was inspired by the 2006 non-fiction book, Letters to Juliet, by Lise Friedman and Ceil Friedman, which chronicles the phenomenon of letter writing to Shakespeare’s most famous romantic heroine.
What an engaging concept, and in our opinion, one that bears repeating….

This site and our blog talk radio show “Sophia’s Relationship Advice” is dedicated to all the readers and listeners who would like to seek assistance from the Goddess of Wisdom….and any other masters or angels who decide to lend their wisdom.

You might ask why Sophia? Sophia is the greek word for wisdom, and Sophia is associated with many religious idealogies including: “Hellenistic philosophy and religion, Platonism, Gnosticism, Orthodox Christianity, Esoteric Christianity, as well as Christian mysticism. Sophiology is a philosophical concept regarding wisdom, as well as a theological concept regarding the wisdom of the biblical God” and has become revered by many in our present day world and is snyomous with “great wisdom”.

We will be calling on the ancient wisdom inspired by Sophia to support you with your queries about all your relationship issues; including lovers, family, friends, co-workers and self as well as your issues of indecision or confusion. Our intention is to inspire, create joy, ease pain and support well-being…. We choose to do this by listening and hearing you; then responding to you with love, acceptance, and forgiveness and when appropriate humor….

Our blog talk show (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/sophiasrelationshipadvice ) will air on Thursday nights beginning, April 25,2013 at 9pm, and we will take callers or our listeners can text or email question which we will answer on air. We will not be able to individually record the responses, but you can always listen to the archives. As we are limited by time on the show, we decided to create the blog which will serve as an everyday resource for you to write any questions you have and receive responses on the blog within a week. We are offering membership to those who choose to be part of the Sophia’s Relationship Advice family and our members will receive responses within 4 to 6 hour or less as well as receive a copy of the response by email. If there is a need; we will offer private readings to our members for an additional nominal fee…
We understand that the answer to one person’s query might help another, so all our questions and answers will be posted anonymously on our blog for all our readers to benefit from…and remain archived on our blog site for a period of 90 to 120 days…

For info on membership fees or to join go to our Services link for details….



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