About Sophia’s Voices

So who are the voices of Sophia on this Blog and on our Blog Talk Radio show?

Mary Electra and Robin Masiewicz will be the official voices of Sophia on this blog and on the blog talk radio show; however the real voices of Sophia belong to us all. It will be the voices of all of you who write in to us or call into us and all those who don’t because Sophia’s Voice lives in each of us…and Robin and I have chosen to share our Sophia’s Voice with you.

About Mary Electra:

Initially I was going to use the bio that I send to radio shows and various places when I speak, but I decided for this blog and for this new venture/adventure I’d shared with you a more intimate account.

I have thought about doing something like this for some time now…and in all fairness it was a client who thought of doing a modern day take on “Letters to Juliet” in a store dedicated to Aphrodite…When I was helping her respond to the letters their clients were writing I realized this was something I could do, something I loved doing and it was something I could do well.

When I met Robin, it was obvious she would be a good person to pair with as she is extremely intuitive and very tolerant of my take charge “lioness” personality. However don’t let that fool you…she runs deep and has volumes of research and data in the beautiful mind of hers…and does an incredible job at blending those two skills…I on the other hand have not spent very much time doing research, I guess because I was too busy working at healing myself and living the research….which might I add is a never ending process…

I had a very dark childhood with various forms of abuse to contend with, which has colored the lens of my perceptions; as all of our life experiences do…yet at an early age I made a decision that my childhood experiences were not going to rule or destroy me and it was up to me to heal them so I set about healing them…

It was not simple process, as the wounding was deep and since it happened as a child I had much to sort out, but over a period of 30 years and many therapist I learned how to forgive, accept and finally have compassion…first for myself then others….I have learned that most of our issues come from reacting out of our wounded self….
Not only did I work on myself with therapy, I study the ancient sciences of astrology and numerology as well as tarot and the I Ching…and they have given me a wonderful insight into our need for spiritual healing as well as a spiritual acknowledgement of ourselves…

I made a decision to honor the knowing and wisdom that lives within me, and to acknowledge the Goddess within me, and recognize I have a gift that I can share to help others honor the knowing and wisdom within themselves and discover the God/Goddess within them as well.

Even though I know that the Wisdom lives in each of us I am also aware how important it is to have someone to call upon when we get confused and overwhelmed…someone we can trust, someone who will help us to see our truth…and I am hoping that Sophia’s Relationship Advice will be that place for many…

Please share us with your friends.



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